eduScrum Trainers

We have a variety of training types to suit your needs

Presentation "Workshop" at your school

We can always provide a "Workshop" presentation for you and your colleagues on request and in consultation. An engaging workshop where participants can experience what eduScrum is and how it works. This exploratory workshop forms a good basis for determining whether eduScrum can mean something for you and suits you. This workshop is also suitable during a study day. This 2-hour workshop costs € 500 * (excluding travel costs) for a maximum of 30 participants in-house. We make an offer for a customized workshop.

Online Training

The same structure and content as the 2-day eduScrum training. Hands-on and interactive (may sound a bit strange. Get used to it). Here we can adjust the days and times more easily. We do this in consultation with each other to arrive at good workable training time slots. Thanks to the online options, we are more flexible and we can also offer online training at various levels; from teaser workshops to full training and further floors and applications.

Two Day Training

A pragmatic approach and experiencing for yourself, "feeling" what eduScrum is and what the effect can be and what it can mean to you; co-creative process development , personal development and personalized learning, team development, reflection , customized guidance and much more. Understanding and experiencing the " Why " of eduScrum! After the first training day you can start right away! The training consists of 2 whole days. The second e-day training will be given in time after the first e-day training (to bring their own experiences in the training and process deeper into the backgrounds to go and why).

Working with eduScrum changes your role from teacher to teacher and supervisor of the learning process. You learn to apply eduScrum in approaching your own projects in the form of " Practice what you Preach " After the 2-day training we organize return days where we share our experiences together and learn from and with each other. You can also become part of our national and international eduScrum Community . The dates of the training courses can be found under the News tab. We also offer international eduScrum training courses in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. Then you work together with teachers from different countries. In addition, you can become part of our national and international eduScrum community. More information about an Agile learning culture can be found here . The 2-day courses are given by the eduScrum team and / or certified trained trainers, who have followed the Train the Teacher Trajectory , who still teach students and work with eduScrum. They do this in an inspiring way with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.


After an eduScrum training, coaching is certainly an option. More information on request.

The Cost of an eduScrum Training

  • A 2-day full all-in eduScrum basic training per person with open enrollment (minimum 2 people per school) costs € 600 *. * The price is based on in-house training, in the Netherlands.
  • A 2-day full all-in eduScrum training costs € 4000 * (excluding travel costs) for 10 participants per school.
  • More people is possible too. The price is on request.
  • The price at another location (open training) is on request.
  • The price for support in-house is on request.
  • Support service online (units of 15 minutes) is free during the training year.
  • Registered in the Central Register of Short Professional Education and exempt from VAT *.


After this training you will receive a certificate and you can register it in the Teacher's Portfolio for 50 register hours .

  • The training is also tailor-made .
  • Provide training for a specific target group within the school. Management, department management, management, departments, ...
  • In addition to the eduScrum training, we also provide training in context-oriented education , project-based work, solution- oriented work that provide a different view and approach to education.
  • Guiding schools and teachers (teachers) in setting up a Professional Learning Community .
  • Guiding teachers, teachers, teachers and teams in the implementation of educational innovation in the school.
  • These special trainings are always based on the specific wishes of you and your colleagues of the school where you work. In other words, tailor-made. The price is on request

More Information

The training can be given on location of a school or at a central location in the country. This depends on the number of participants. If there are too few participants in a school, we combine participants from different schools and study programs. This applies to both the 1st and 2nd day of a training.

In the IT world, many companies work with Scrum. More and more companies outside of IT Scrummen. There may be companies in your area that want to sponsor the eduScrum training for the school. In this way, a connection is also made between business and the school.

In addition to training in the Netherlands, we also provide conference and training abroad ( America , Germany , Portugal , ..) and learn a lot from it ourselves. See also the info on the news .

The birthplace of eduScrum is Ashram College with its creator and founder Willy Wijnands and the students of Ashram College.