Revising the educational National curriculum in Japan with eduScrum

February 21, 2019

By: eduScrum

In Japan, National curriculum have been revised, so active learning for students becomes increasingly important.

On February 20th Masahiro Nakada, Mr. Ted Sakata, Mr. Yano Hiroshi from the Teikyo University, Graduate School of Teacher Education, Tokyo JAPAN and intertpreter Ms. Iuliana Ikogure visit me, Willy Wijnands at the Ashram College to talk about the book they are writing with the title "Creating lessons that develops students ability to learn", and create an Agile mindset,where they will use eduScrum as a tool.

Masahiro Nakada, Mr. Ted Sakata, Mr. Yano Hirosh think eduScrum is one of important educational method to change Japanese education and want to introduce the Agile mindset with eduScrum to the education in Japan.