Interview with Kristina Fritsch on eduScrum

May 15, 2019

By: Anne

In the twenty-seventh episode of the exemplary school podcast, I interviewed Kristina Fritsch. She is a certified eduScrum coach and responsible for the implementation of eduScrum in Germany. You can find more about eduScrum on the website With this agile learning method, she is passionate about schools, teacher training and various cultural and educational projects.

In this episode you will learn among other things:

-How Scrum came from business to education in Germany. -What eduScrum actually includes.

  • Which instruments are used for better learning at eduScrum. -How students can use this agile method to design their own learning path. -Which first steps on the way to agile learning make sense. -How learning can be brought back to school.

I look forward to your comment on this episode Anne

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