eduScrum training in Cambridge Leadership College

November 10, 2017

By: eduScrum

enabling students and teachers to work together in an energetic, effective and efficient way

With 1800 students aged 11-18, Ashram College looks like most other Dutch secondary schools. The exceptional part comes in the classes of Willy Wijnands. The desks are not set up in rows, they face each other. The students learn together in teams: eduScrum Teams.

‘Scrum’ derives from the ‘Agile’ frameworkoriginally created for software development projects. It quickly turned out that it suited the broader world of work. Scrum sees to it that people work together in a collaborative, productive and enjoyable way. eduScrum is Scrum tailored to the needs and objectives of education. Designed by Willy, it brings principles and energy of Scrum into the classroom.