eduScrum on international tour

March 20, 2017

By: eduScrum

The mix of nationalities and backgrounds that meet in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands at the end of February 2017 to lay the foundation for the international eduScrum "family" is colorful. Willy Wijnands, founder of eduScrum, invited to the first international eduScrum training.

Chris from Berlin, Manfred, Christian, Günther and Patrick from Austria, Filip and Maria from Belgium, Kristina with Romanian roots from the Netherlands, Emmanuel, French from Spain, Alejandra and José from Mexico, the South African Denise from Switzerland and Nuno from Portugal .
Bankers, vocational school teachers, teachers, summer school teachers, school principals and owners, simply interested people, those looking for an alternative to the “real” Scrum. Educational goal school-leaving certificate, educational goal further education or educational goal bricklayer. But (almost) all eduScrum pioneers in their own country.

Especially nice for me: this time I'm not “just” visiting the training, but also as an assistant trainer.