Vision and Mission

Our confidence in young people is great. We are convinced that they want and can do more than they and many adults think. eduScrum ensures that students get the best out of themselves and their team. eduScrum is a co-creative and (pro) active process. That makes education really worthwhile for everyone involved! eduScrum does not make it "easy" for the students. eduScrum is transparent to students and teams. We want to get the best out of the students with eduScrum.

The WHY behind eduScrum you can read here.

Everyone would like to learn! Having to go to school is no fun, at set times.

We all want space and freedom! No obligation! Actually playfully learning in freedom. This has to be done in certain frameworks.

eduScrum is a means to create this. It gives them ownership over their own learning process. The teachers determine WHAT - The student teams determine HOW they want to learn. It is important that the teachers explain the WHY of an assignment. The teacher provides an area where students are safe, where everyone is comfortable and treated with respect.

Children feel flawless when treated with respect.

In a class that works with eduScrum, you see small teams working on their own. They hang their scrum board on the wall, hold a short meeting while standing, hang up the post-it and start working. Students work independently, self-organizing and take responsibility for their own work and that of their teammates. They are gaining more pleasure in the trade, working through the material faster and getting better results. While working, they develop important competences such as planning, meeting agreements, reflecting and giving feedback.

eduScrum also ensures that young people experience positive personal development. In their co-creative and (pro) active team, they are valued for their qualities and they experience that they belong and are needed. This strengthens their confidence in each other and in themselves in a healthy way. Because eduScrum is based on endless possibilities for improvement, they develop a positive, future-oriented mindset.

For today's young people, self-confidence, team skills and a positive mindset are more important than ever. In a rapidly aging society, much is expected of young people. They are faced with crises on all fronts worldwide. eduScrum encourages them to develop into complete people who can be a meaningful part of and for their team. This is how eduScrum equips them to make a positive contribution to a better world together with others. Certainly, the 21st century skills are integrated in eduScrum in a natural and natural way.

It gives us great satisfaction to contribute to this by continuing to improve eduScrum.