The eduScrum Team

Willy Wijnands is a passionate chemistry and physics teacher on the Ashram College in Alphen aan de Rijn and Aikido teacher. He is the creator and founder of eduScrum, co-creator of Lightschools and co-founder of the worldwide initiative "Agile in Education". Co-author of the eduScrum guide and co-author of "Scrum in Actie" and co-author of ”Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning”.

“I give the students ownership of their own learning process, but most important trust. The students take their responsibility for what they do and I give them liberty and space. The effect is that students are engaged, more productive and their results are better; It is such a wonderful to see them developing themselves!”

Claudia Struijlaart: I work at Highschool Bernadinus in Heerlen. It is a secondary school where I teach chemistry from 3rd to 6th classes. I teach and develop new chemistry curriculum in a DOT. I'm the chairman of the DOT in the VO-HO network in collaboration with CHILL. Also I'm a teacher by Agora. I challenge my students to deliver “products” in instalments. Those products are developed in self-organising and autonomous teams with the help of eduScrum. I am also a team member of the worldwide initiave "Agile in Education".

“Improvements bring up critique, but also wonderful results” “On our way to an effective and innovative style of teaching that fits the present”

Ekaterina Bredikhina: I'm totally convinced that safety and mutual respect are the most required conditions to create an environment in which teams can learn and interact effectively. This is important for both student and adult teams. And that's why the values of safety, trust and respect between all actors are in the basis of eduScrum.

Leading coach of eduScrum Russia

Professional Scrum Master (PSMI)

Gamification teacher

“I believe that Agile approaches can change modern education and turn it into the 'education of a future' where people and interaction are more important than marks and formal reports and everyone can be the co-creator of his or her own learning process.“