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Welcome to eduScrum

In companies Scrum sees to it that developers work together in a productive and enjoyable way. eduScrum is an edit of Scrum for the educational system.

Why eduScrum?

With eduScrum students work together in an energetic, targeted, effective and efficient way.


With eduScrum, students are more motivated when they work together. They work autonomously within plain frameworks and the responsibility they get form this makes them thrive. Their teachers enjoy this as well.


With eduScrum, cooperating teams will function optimally. Students enjoy this and will turn into increasingly better team players who are valued for their qualities.


With eduScrum, every student knows how and why they must do something. They know the importance for themselves and for the team. Because of this, students will work harder and get better results.

Latest Blog Posts

No eduScrum without retro! But what does retro mean for eduScrummer? Every sprint, i.e. every learning unit, ends with a retrospective: with an improvement-oriented review of the team's interaction. It is about the implementation of the technical content on the one hand and the personal development of the team members on the other. It is important to reflect on your own and teamwork, but also on…

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Learning in a Changing World In a changing world, the ability to think critically, innovate, learn independently, collaborate, and lead are crucial. The expectation is that schools and universities prepare students for changing careers and a changing world. Best practices to reach these aspirations are student-centered instruction, collaborative learning, learning communities, project based…

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Agile in education Within the IT world, 'agile' has been the basis for various working methods for years. Agile literally means agile. In the work it becomes visible in a flexible setup and in the ability to quickly adapt to the situation or changing needs of customers Scrum is one of the possible methods for organizing your work 'agile'. Since 2012 we, Claudia Struijlaart, chemistry teacher at…

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This the story of a day of deep immersion in eduScrum. I flew 2000 km and drove 277 km to visit three schools in the Netherlands. My student Eric Herzog, a High School chemistry teacher, had conducted an experiment using eduScrum and we already had travelled from California to Geneva to present our experiment using eduScrum at the EARLI special interest group of INTERACTION, LEARNING AND…

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